We are much more than intellectual property rights managers.

We make the technology and information available to you
and help you manage your career as an artist
so that you can concentrate on what is important: music.


StreamRights is AIE’s new service specializing in the international collection of intellectual property rights.

Thanks to AIE’s extensive network of agreements with other international management companies, StreamRights was designed to be a central management point for artists.

With StreamRights, you can find out all about what we at AIE do to collect your royalties from anywhere in the world. We put a team of specialist professionals at your service, so that you can complete any operation and have easy, centralized, organized access to all your information.


Because of its extensive experience as a global management company, AIE has the knowledge and the technology to offer a premier collection and distribution system.

We organize and monitor everything that could affect your royalties to ensure that you get the most back from your music.


We constantly monitor your repertoire in order to claim the royalties that are due to you all over the world.


We analyze your international tax obligations and give you advice on the best way to manage your income while complying with current legislation.


We resolve any contractual conflicts between management companies, making it easy to understand your income from other countries.


We claim your royalties retroactively so that you get back what belongs to you.



We use the most solid and efficient computer systems to cut down collection and payout times, and to get your income to you quickly.


All available information is displayed on your individual online Dashboard.

You will be able to check and download at any time all the information about the evolution of your followers, the use of your music and the income obtained in all the countries in which AIE has an agreement. All this under the supervision of our team of analysts, who will be at your disposal to answer any question.

This is made possible by combining three areas of information and and putting them at your disposal in our online platform.



Where your fans come from.


What listens each country from you.



International royalties details.


Between the time fans listen to your music and the time you receive your royalties there is a long process in which many people are involved.

We guide you throughout the whole process: from the play to your income.

  • We keep you informed at every milestone.
  • We update your royalty status with any change.
  • You manage & control your income performance from one control point, with no intermediaries.


Atención personalizada

Above all, we are here to listen to your concerns and help with anything that you need.

To do this, you have a team of professionals who will monitor your career in order to offer you support now and in the future.

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